Monday, May 25, 2009

Exhaustion would be too mild an adjective to describe my gardening-weary body, but my beautiful raised beds are now filled with plants and seeds and promise. It was a perfect day, overcast, threatening rain but offering a gentle sprinkle instead. I didn't try to plant as much variety this year but instead added lots of zinnias, sunflowers, gladiolas and cosmos to the beds, which should provide a dashing counterpoint to my abundant veggies. Summer is rapping at my bedroom door...only two weeks remaining before school is out and an equal measure of days before my eldest departs for two months...the bittersweet taste of summer.I always medicate anticipated heartache with reading and in good form, I am piling books on every available surface, anticipating three warm months of gorge reading.
The list includes:
The Wonder of Boys by Michael Gurian
On Dialogue, by David Bohm
Seven Life Lessons of Chaos, by Briggs and Peat
Education and the Significance of Life, by Krishnamurti
A few little books by Maria Montessori
Loads of crafting books particularly those with simple sewing themes or art journaling ideas,
Soldier of a Great War by Mark Helprin
and a whole host of others!
Oh I do love summer reading, crafting, sewing, gardening, hiking, playing, biking and photographing. I do love it, I do!


Manjusri said...

Now lets tear up your lawn and really do a garden/green house with solar hating for the winter storms.!!

and here is a book to add

Manjusri said...

Solar heating not HATING! hahaha