Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So I've been going a little crazy around the house, sewing everything that isn't bolted down, rearranging, reorganizing, and otherwise busying myself out of my bummer. Whenever school lets up for the summer, all my pent up creativity comes rushing to the surface in a temporary flood. Eventually my heart and life become reacquainted with the creative freedom of summer and a fertile growing period ensues. Here are a few examples:This is Bodhi's new room, complete with a big boy bed! I remade my old duvet cover into a duvet for his bed, a napping blanket paired with gold velvet (at the base of the bed) and a little quilt for his babies bed.The bed itself was made by cutting in half our changing table. The top half became a baby bed, The bottom half became the work station behind Bodhi. Then we made a little Montessori set up for my growing boy. We have several manipulatives, a knobbed world map and a few geography support materials, a 1-3 preliminary math activity and several eye-spy objects and preliminary language activities. So far we are loving it.
Next, I found this quilt and turned it into a duvet for our feather comforter. I made the throw pillow from remnants and unused items. All and all things are beginning to come together in Mom and Pops room.
In Owen's room I framed several of his wonderful pieces. This is bird man and...This is a knight battling a monster alligator.In the kitchen, Bodhi and I decoupaged this little table for him to dine at.
See you when I emerge from the frenzy.

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