Friday, July 10, 2009

hiking with Oni

My mama, aka. Gramma Oni, is visiting this week. We found a beautiful hike in the Golden Gate Canyon Park just above Golden, called Wrangler's Run loop.
Bodhi particularly enjoyed controlling the pace of the trek, or at least battling for control with his grandmother.Then there was the unexpected highlight of finding several four-leaf promises near a babbling creek, in which Bodhi splashed and frolicked alongside an array of four legged counterparts.As a grand finale the trail made a surprise ascent up a long steep section peppered with erosion blocks. The result was a nearly impossible attempt to push the stroller straight up. In the end we tethered mom to the front with two leashes and I pushed from the rear, yelling "HAW old woman, HAW", doubled over with laughter and crying from glee.
A good day.

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