Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Move over Jackson Pollock
Bodhi is home and every surface of the kitchen and laundry room is covered with fabulous, colorful creations. After an hour of painting with temperas, we brought out the shaving cream and food coloring. This is always a perennial favorite. You simply pour some foaming shaving cream onto a baking tray and add a few drops of food coloring. Soon the mixture was coating hands and arms with a squishy, laughing enthusiasm. I get it!!! We save all these fabulous artistic results, for wrapping paper and other recycled art projects.
Gotta love it!


Ashley said...

Wow angelina your blog Angelbirdflies is cool. I'm ashley I'm your sister jennifner's dautgher.I have a blog too. Please coment.

Ashley said...
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Angelina said...

ASHLEY...I am so excited to have received a correspondence from you!!!! yes I know who you are and I will check out your blog.