Saturday, September 26, 2009

day in the mountains

Aaah!!!! A day spent in the mountains! Everyone needs a day beneath the protective arms of pine trees on a regular basis. I have a stomach bug and so spent the bulk of my mountain memories, lounging on a blanket atop a bed of pine needles surrounded by yellowing aspens tinkling in the wind. The boys hiked through the woods, exploring, adventuring and regaling one another with tales of imminent grandeur. We all longed for a tent to extend the experience but alas those two great spoilers of fun- time and temperature- called us home sooner than we might have hoped, but not without a few captured moments.

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china cat said...

Oh the yellow leaves of Aspens dancing with the wind! Wathcing them too is a favorite past time of mine and now that I know it is one of yours I wil think of you each time one of their sparkling leaves flutters in orchestration with the fall wind. I love you sister.