Thursday, December 31, 2009

moments along the path

Happy New Year's eve to everyone out there. I have a few inspirations for the year ahead, most of them revolve around seeing things, people and experiences differently. I have challenged myself to have a show...a show of my photos, work and even writings, in collaboration with Shane's art. I have challenged myself to let go of being different, of being more, of being better. I have challenged myself to just "let go" this year. Throwing away the subtle aggression of trying to sculpt myself into something acceptable and just find the beauty in what I am and perhaps to shut up and listen to the life in and around me. Yep, those are my intentions.

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Wind said...

Yes, Who ever told us that we weren't enough? Why this constant striving? It feels less like evolution and more like self-judgement every day. Thank you for holding your candle next to mine. I can clearly see that it is time to rest our hard minds in the sweet soft beloved one. We are exactly what the world needs right now, not when we have it mastered.
I love you.