Monday, February 8, 2010

I walked in the door from work today and Owen was joyfully spinning circles in the living room with Shane. They had been joyously talking about the choicest super hero powers, which led them to a very serious discussion, centering around which super powers they would pick if they could choose six. The list is as follows:
1 The ability to fly at any velocity
2 Super strength with no minimum or maximum
3 Ability to teleport at will
4 Invisibility at will
5 Invincibility
6 Control over the elements

His superhero name is Elementis, his color is silver and his daemon is a harpy eagle.

1 The ability to fly at any velocity
2 Invincible in any atmospheric condition
3 Time travel at will
4 Super strength with no minimum or maximum
5 Ability to discern the truthfulness of anything
6 Super intelligence without suffering (no tortured genius)

His superhero name is Navi, his color is green and his daemon is the resident cat Eli.

If you could have six, what would they be.


OnceWasLost said...

I guess it all boils down to Being a perfect Alchemist for me ~
1. The gift of being able to breath prana fluently through all chakras and therefore stopping the flow of oxygenated breath through the lungs.
2. To be able to see all my dreams in ultra Violet Bright color and consciously awaken in them and therefore astral travel. ~ This is also a form of Time Travel
3. Jinn Science: to travel in the 4th vertical with my physical body. ~This is also a form of Time Travel
4. The Super power of being able to see each and everyone of my defects to the core and deepest seed of it consciously and to therefore dissolve it with the help of my Divine Mother.
5. The ability to eradicate my now consciousness and turn the subconsciousness into my consciousness, permanently.
6. The ability to awaken the 'seed' of consciousness in others with a glance and eradicating any need for 'my self', in the end doing everything for the benefit of others peace while never under any circumstance forget my Divine Mother...

Six is an important number
in Kabbalah it is
(Also tiferet; Hebrew תפארת means beauty or compassion) The sixth sephirah of the Tree of Life. The Human Soul.

"Tiphereth is the groom of the bride; it is the Superior Manas of Eastern Theosophy; it is nothing else but the Human Soul, the Causal Body. It is that Soul who suffers and gives that very human part onto us. We must distinguish between what the Human Soul is and what Tiphereth is in itself. It is very easy to mistake Tiphereth with the Causal Body. The Causal Body becomes the vehicle of Tiphereth." - Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah

In The Arcanum or Tarot it is

"Indecision is related with the letter Vav, which means “and” in the Hebrew language and symbolizes connection - to hook, to unite one thing with another. It is also related with the word “yug” in Sanskrit, which means union. In order to have an union you have to hook - and of course it is related with the word religare (or religion). It is the way in which we receive knowledge.

The letter Vav of this arcanum is related with the property of hearing, listening. Of course now we have to emphasize that it is not just related to the faculty of hearing on the physical plane but also with that chakra which we have mentioned several times in different lectures: the chakra Vishuddha, which is related with magical ear, the faculty of understanding, listening to or hearing the Word of God which is related with the world of Archetypes, symbols that we know through understanding and comprehending."

"The creation of Adam is particularly concerned with the sixth day of Genesis.

It is very significant that the sixth day is the only day that Elohim says is “very good.” All of the others are merely “good.” In addition, it is the only day that is described as “the” day. On the previous five days, it says 'a' day, such as “It was a first day.” To say “the” in Hebrew, you write the letter ה Hei. This is a very subtle kabbalistic mystery, because what is written there is וה: feminine, masculine."

china cat said...

woah. davey had a lot of time on that one.

here are my six.

1. the ability to bring new life into this world
2. the ability to witness beauty in other forms of life
3. to breathe
4. to dance
5. to be one with Life
6. teleportation

five out of the six I am actively working on, the last one however needs greater attention.

Angelina said...

Yeah sis! I was a tad embarassed of the super powers I picked, thinking they were a little too goody two-shoes, but here they are:
1 flight
2 healing
3 ability to absorb and transmute fear and anger
4 ability to clean and transmute pollution
5 the ability to supply clean food and water to all people
6 We decided with such useful powers I should also pick invincible, so that I could be very useful for a long time (but I'm still uncomfortable with that one)

sweetvictorya said...

1) Flying
2) Strength
3) Walk through walls
4) Empathic skills
5) Self-heal
6) Seeing others as God would see them.

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