Monday, March 15, 2010


I have recently returned from a trip to Portland, Oregon and the shift in climate, geography and responsibilities left me deeply puzzling the notion of perspective. We can't really see our own lives subjectively. We are so caught up in the motion of thinking, feeling, believing, existing, that we fail to step back from the busy edge of identity and truly enjoy the splendor of our own beauty. It is not only the wide vistas that we miss, but also the simple mundane magnificence of the moment by moment splendor of living. I have been pondering this idea of perspective for sometime. In fact my longest standing prayer has been, "Help me to see this differently". I wonder at our human experience and our audacious belief that our subjective truth is reality. I wonder at our rigid adherence to a limited perspective, preferring rightness over risking our own solidified self image. Perhaps we could challenge ourselves to wrestle with our imagined world in favor of the infinite possibilities of a world unknown.
Here are a few photos to illustrate a subtle shift in vantage:
Seer seen:
Seen:On first glance:
On further consideration:From a distance:and up closeFrom above:
And a few feet lower:A blossoming canopy:
A world of color:

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Wind said...

I feel like I just consumed the richest, most luscious feast! You truly fed me with your gaze. Thank you for that incredibly ecstatic bite of life!