Saturday, January 29, 2011


I wish I could hike every day. It fills me with a peace that little else offers.  Unfortunately, I am also resistant to being cold. I wait for days like these when the thermometer warms and my boots beg me out of doors (plus Shane willingly watches the boys).
Here are a few photos along the way:

 And on my way home I stopped by an old chapel on a hill.  I love the ritual of lighting candles alone in a silent room.  Of course I am not a Catholic, but I feel the peace in removed spaces, like nature or quiet candle lit rooms, inviting me inward to the source of life living me.


Karuna said...

Beautiful pictures!!
i love you, Karuna

Traci Hart said...

Beautiful images....thank you for sharing :)

Wind said...

Beautiful, thoughtful, deep gazer, you.