Friday, May 27, 2011


Fear is a dreadful bedfellow.  It steals all the covers till we lay shivering in the night.  It sits heavy on our chest laboring our in breath and out breath.  It cramps the heart and shoves the mind into unbridled overdrive.  It terrorizes the body, dominating energy, attention and view.
Yet...I wonder... when we find ourself lying next to its icy form, shaking in the dark, perhaps we could try a new tactic.  What if, rather than ignoring or throttling it with a noose of words, thoughts and plans, we reached over and curled against it, breathing in the sharp odor of pain and sorrow.  Breathing in... an open space to be.

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wind said...

oh YES. yes yes yes. This is the change that we all must courage to see, and embrace.