Tuesday, May 24, 2011


 I love this mountain...I call it mine... a dear friend... a paramour of earthy splendor (I've recently taken a shine to the "...").  Upon her shoulder (of course she is a she) I lay my head and cry, I tell her my woes, my heartache, my pain and she holds me, carries me.  She caresses me with her breeze and fills me with wonder, exchanging my sadness for her simple wisdom: birdsong, flower, deer grazing, billowed cloud, smiling with a face so immense all I see are her laugh lines.
 I breathe, carried on her back and she fills me with fortifying courage to return to the world below. She is there too, a tower of rolling earth, rising above the landscape of imagined littleness... a reminder of something deeply more immense.

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wind said...

Thank you sister mountain for holding my beloved in your grassy sweetness. Tickle her toes for me (please..)