Sunday, June 26, 2011

roasting marshmallows

One of the essential skills of childhood and summer, is learning to properly roast a marshmallow and so, as a good mother should, I spent an evening, beside a campfire, imparting the finer points.
First you find a good stick and Dad whittles the end to a point (not overly sharp or you have a dangerous weapon).

Next, you find a spot with hot coals and not too many flames. Slowly rotate your stick and marshmallow to a golden brown perfection.
 Surprisingly, Bodhi had no problem figuring out what to do next!

After my lesson, I showed him the impatient way to cook a marshmallow (and my preferred method).  Thrust it unceremoniously into the flames until it catches on fire, blow it out and enjoy the charred goodness.
A mother's job is never done!

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