Monday, July 25, 2011

Where were we this weekend?  We were camping near Sylvan Lake, at a fabulous site in the National Forest that seemed like a million miles away from the busy human world.  Each night we were serenaded to sleep by the silent sound of a starry sky circling overhead.
 For breakfast we enjoyed our favorite gustatory delight, yogurt with fresh fruit and granola.
Bodhi invented a new smores...burnt marshmallows and saltine crackers....mmmmYUCK.
At the visitor's center we watched the playful dance of a dozen hummingbirds drunk on nectar and greedy for more.

 Yet another beautiful weekend in paradise.

 On the way home we stopped by the Red Canyon Cafe in Eagle.  They had GLUTEN FREE BREAD. So the whole family loitered about enjoying tea, coffee, juice and sandwiches before our long drive home.

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Daeni said...

sylvan is one of my high school have made me both happy that you and your family have experienced it, and sad that I live so far away from it.