Sunday, September 18, 2011

weekend whirl

So this weekend began with a solo trip to the Firefly Gypsy Caravan Craft Faire in Boulder.  It was a fabulous array of local artisans and a feast for the senses.
I purchased a lovely hairband from this local artist, similar to the ones pictured atop the crate but in warm, autumn tones.
My friend Jaala Sheldon creates fanciful upcycled jewelry from recycled vintage jewelry and she brought her wonderful airstream caravan decked out in the gypsy regalia pictured below.
Next, I trekked into the foothills above Boulder.
When I returned I set the boys loose on proverbial windmills.  I don't want to horrify my pacifist friends (as I myself am among them) but I have six brothers and I love boys.  So I bring home boxes and they take their metal swords (I purchased both of them at the Renaissance Faire- a long sword for Owen and Bodhi inherited Owen's old dagger) and they tilt at imagined foes for long peaceful mama-lounging moments.
Now Cain and Abel are in separate rooms, while I contemplate hard alcohol or at the very least a mind numbing movie (no doubt PG but in my fantasy it is a Jane Austen-esque film with the addition of steamy love scenes uninterrupted by irritating minions.)   A weekend well spent.