Monday, October 31, 2011


 A fall frenzy, with a bevy of color and the crunch of leaves underfoot, has all of us feasting on beauty.
 Owen planned an elaborate autumn celebration with a tribute alter to Demeter and some other Greek God whose name escapes me.  We made an abundant meal of all our harvested produce as the seasons bounty is no longer growing in the beds outside.
 We enjoyed a trip to the park, looking and listening, smelling and feeling the warmth of autumns farewell with the gentle whisper of winter's cold on the wind.

 When my whole world is falling apart around me, I look at these two beautiful people and everything feels perfect, beautiful and whole.
 Happy fall my friends and family...with big LOVE.

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ProfoundAlchemy said...

ya oughta do something really wild for 11-11-11 on friday.
its non duality day in the entire billionfold universes...