Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If asked what my most pleasant memories of youth had in common, I would answer without hesitation ... NATURE!  In a world that seems more in need of human connection to the natural world than ever, it is my hope to inspire a measure of awe and wonder in the vastness of the world we inhabit, unplugged and uncensored, in the hearts of my boys.
With this in mind, Bodhi and I went scat hunting.  A favorite game of my mom's and now one of my personal fav's.  Bodhi only gagged a few times but was thoroughly interested and enthused.
 We also spotted some tracks we thought might belong to a fox (we have a pair living nearby).
 And we had ample opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of togetherness
 in the wide outdoors.
 Get outside, look for shit and marvel when you find it!  Now that's a code for living!

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