Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where have I been all this time?  Well one week has past since the boys and I moved into the new house.  We will be house sitting here until mid-june.  It is a positively lovely three story home AND of course, the move and events leading up to it, consumed much of my emotional energy.   We are settling in and getting used to our new surroundings. The best part of the new location is the backyard.  It literally backs up to my favorite hiking spot near denver, Green Mountain.  It has long been my sanctuary (as this blog will attest with its many photographic tributes over the years).  Owen is pictured above, overlooking Denver just a hundred yards from the house.
 And this IS the back yard.
 It is a great place to heal for a while and mend an aching heart.  The boys are slowly making room in their worlds for this change.  It is hard on them. Bodhi is chewing again and longing for the lost comfort of the pacifier of years gone by, while Owen cries often.
Speaking of is a photo of how we spent our Sunday morning.  Bodhi cut his head badly playing with Owen and his uncle Dave, so 2 hours in Urgent Care and 3 staples later we are home again enjoying a couple of playdates (a friend for Bodhi and one for Owen) and some family time on the horizon, with just my own two.
If you are reading this and want to pause for awhile to extend some love in our direction, I am sure it will be felt and appreciated.  I am sending it to all of you as I write.


Karuna said...

Sending love your way.
it is very hard to adjust to change.
thanks for your words, and I hope you enjoy the new house.
lots of love,

Wind said...

May you know peace. May you know the rightness of your steps. May you know softness in your belly, may you stay open and breathe gently. You are being supported, and guided. And loved with a largeness beyond your longings.

Traci Hendrix Hart said...

You and your boys have my thoughts and love....change is so, so hard, dammit! But necessary, and good, and it all makes us stronger and better. (I keep telling myself that, anyway....)
Sending love, peace, comfort, and hope your way....

Daeni said...

Daeni said...
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