Sunday, March 4, 2012


 I had a fabulous birthday- sweet and simple and surrounded by my two sweet boys.
Owen and Bodhi helped make me gluten free Brownies and Owen made Aunt Bertie's lemon curd sauce to go with it...YUM.
For my gift, the two of them (with ample mama support) made me a magical Italian feast in honor of my Grande' Cia and in celebration of ME.
Bodhi decorated the table with hand made drawings and name cards and they took turns saying a blessing for me on my birthday.  Next, we feasted on polenta topped with kale, puttenesca sauce, capers and Parmesan and ate a homemade mozzarella salad (We helped make the mozzarella with Ricardo at the Deli Italia, click here to read about it).
The boys sang me several renditions of Happy Birthday and Bodhi did all the dishes!!!  Then he had the brilliant idea to take all the blankets we could find outside and snuggle together on the hammock looking at the night sky with its bright stars and round moon.  We toughed it out for over an hour, huddled beneath a thick pile of wind-shifting blankets, before the wind and freezing temperatures drove us, laughing, back into the house.
It was a perfect day.

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Karuna said...

Yay happy birthday, to my fairy godmother!
i love you.