Friday, April 27, 2012

can't keep a good man down

Bodhi is HOME!  He is up walking and energetic and full of spunk.  The lines on his foot indicate the progressive demarcations the doctors used to track the black areas of poison as it spread up his ankle.  The swelling went much higher.  Now it looks fabulous by comparison.  

Once home, he decided to venture outside and stand on the step where he was bitten.  Bodhi is like that.  He doesn't sit and ponder fears, allowing them to grow and overtake him.  He just walks into the middle of them and sits right down until his natural tendency to embrace life overtakes them.  When he stood there he said.  "You know mom that wasn't a bad snake or a nice snake.  It was just a snake.  You can't be mad at a snake for being a snake".


Karuna said...

sweet boy.
im so glad he's okay.

needlefingers said...

Wise beyond his years. :)