Saturday, June 23, 2012

crested butte

Bodhi and I had another wonderful trip to Crested Butte, CO staying at the Pioneer Guest Cabins (our favorite place) in the Red Fox Cabin (which we dubbed the hummingbird cabin for obvious reasons).
 We feasted at every meal on homemade pancakes, salads, sandwiches and more, avoiding town for our entire stay to maximize the time outdoors.
The mountains are majestic.  They just stop me in my tracks and leave me catching breath and marveling at the fortune of having senses to experience so much beauty.
On one magical drive deep into the mountains, we got out of the jeep and hiked deep into the woods.  We spent hours just walking around the hillsides, dwarfed by the awesome power of nature.  I am always grateful in moments such as these, when reminded that the minuscule cacophony of my reverberating inner chatter is nothing compared to the unbelievable grandeur of life in all her unexpected radiance.
Sometimes I wish I could dissolve into her beauty and merge with the expansion of life, rather than feel myself so often alone and starving for connection.  A voyeur rather than an expression.  Than the wind blows, the grass caresses my feet and it doesn't matter what is happening in the human field, because (for a moment) I am wind and earth and tree and cloud and insect and deer and all of it.
 I hope you dissolve in her radiance, too.  If only for a summer moment and taste the freedom of wide belonging.

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Karuna said...

wow. that looks like a amazing place!