Friday, June 29, 2012

A few good reasons to get up at 5AM

If I want to hike, I need to be on the trail by 5:30 AM, otherwise the heat is rather daunting and unpleasant. The lighting is incredible at that early hour and nature is ripe with treasures.  She whispers her secrets in my eager ear as I find my way up the mountain.
 Here are a few of the wonders she shared this morning.
Occasionally my heart, with its multiple electrical systems, struggles with the ascents and my stalwart constitution can't push it any harder up the mountain.  On those days I bring my camera and while I wait for my fluttering heart to find it's rhythm I dive into the beauty that is everywhere all the time. It gives me an opportunity to rest in the beauty that I overlook all too often. I am grateful to my heart for this and many other reasons.  I used to feel that it had been broken too many times or was simply ill equipped for planet earth, but when I discovered that I simply have more electrical systems than the average heart I was transported.  Of course, it is not a matter of too little heart but a bit extra and that makes all the difference.  So I learn to take it slow sometimes.  To stand up a little at a time.  To breathe deep.  To listen and to feel.
So if you find yourself awake before dawn, all is not lost, there is a whole world out there waiting to share her wonders.


Nancye said...

I feel like I took the walk with you wonderful pictures and descriptions and what a wonderful view of your heart!

rose said...

I love your photos, Angelina!