Monday, September 17, 2012

this moment as you are

 Sometimes, when I am utterly dwarfed by majesty on all sides,  I wonder how it is possible that we, as humans, can be so obviously in Eden and remain utterly blind.  I listen to the repetitious thoughts that cycle through awareness...loneliness, self preservation, survival, things to do, things to fear, things to regret...on and on.  I used to want to fix Angelina.  It was my primary goal.  To somehow sculpt her into a good person, worthy of love and acceptance- worthy of existence.  I'm not as interested anymore.  Her story goes on, thoughts flowing in and out.  And still the sun rises.  Birds sing.  Stars shine.
Angelina can go on being Angelina.  It is okay.  And I am filled with gratitude when I lift my head, my heart, my eyes and behold life.
Meet this moment as you are.  Meet it.

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