Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Quote of the day from Bodhi's utterly random ramblings:
"Acually and scientifically the world is in fact flat and Egyptians said it was round.  Who am I? It starts with a B- B- B.  Ballet dancer (insert a dance).  Egypt is in fact right.  What am I now? An alien with four arms.  The aliens live near the world, they thinks it's round too...I say flat and round.  Egypt is right and the scientists are right and the aliens too and people are right...except for Owen.  Owen is wrong."


Traci Hendrix Hart said...

Isn't being the mother of boys just so darned COOL? And wild, and wonderful, and maddening, and simply the BEST?

Angelina Lloyd said...

absolutely and unequivocally YES

china cat said...

this is great. here is mina's rambling from today.

"Papa! I don't know what you are saying! I am a chihuahua.(ends with an exasperated sigh)."

Karuna said...

haha so adorable!