Thursday, January 17, 2013


Do you ever feel like no matter how much you think you know or understand or have learned you are constantly humbled by how much you don't understand, know or learn?  In fact, the hard ground of your own imagined knowing is often revealed to be nothing more than the gossamer musings of the mind. 
That's where I am today. 
Humbled by grief and fear and emotions that seem too wide and too big for any person to instead I open the windows of my heart and let the storm blow through.  I take down the walls and the roof and feel until there is no "ME" separate and apart, to understand anything.  And the wind blows a black sky through. 
I learned something important about implies trust.  The areas that I have withheld patience are the areas I have withheld trust. I lean into the storm and trust the oneness of which I am inseparable to carry "me" safely through.

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Wind said...

Thank you so much for that insight. Your discoveries help me incredibly.