Sunday, February 3, 2013


If you know me, you know my nickname has been "bird" since I was a little girl.  Why?  Because I hungered for flight with unparalleled abandon...maybe to escape worldly concerns, maybe because the clouds looked so damn enticing.  I tried too, running down steep inclines with utter disregard for pavement, injury and the questioning glances of saner neighbors.  I tried in other, subtler ways as well, perched in my life with a constant eye toward the next horizon and gusting updrafts.  So when I named this blog it made sense to call it angelbirdflies.
Things change and names are no different.  Many of you have noticed that the blog is angelbirdstays now. Why? Because flying away doesn't appeal to me anymore.  Life, the shit and the glory, interests me.  Inhabiting it through its "terrifying and distressing disguises", interests me.  Deep connections with my fellow humans, interests me. Opening wide the door of my heart to the inevitable flux and messiness of being HERE, interests me.  And so I stay.

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Wind said...

I am kissing you all over your beautiful face. Thank you for staying.