Friday, February 8, 2013


 I accept you are what you are.  I trust you to be who you have shown yourself to be.  Now what is my position in relation to this? Does this or doesn’t this person align with the truth at my center? 
If not, how do I release this person, and remain in truth?
And then when any emotion arises say, "I bless and accept this feeling".  Leave 
judgement on the bleachers.  Short circuit the mind's story of pain and hurt.  Open out a 
way for a new life to express.
That's my theory anyway.  


Wind said...

A trustworthy theory.
I support you, love you, hold you, accept you.

Angelina Lloyd said...

and I MISS you yearn for you and ache for you. Where are you my beloved sister-forver-love?