Tuesday, February 12, 2013

my forever-wife and my god-daughter

OH how can there be so much love in one photo...these two are central beats in the rhythm of my heart.  Wind has been my forever-love for nearly twenty years and her beloved daughter, Karuna, is kindred to my soul.  I had to post their photo here with bragging rights.  It is bizarre to be loved so thoroughly and completely by a soulsisterfriendwife through years of relationship upheavals, losses and births.  She is my constant light who never fades.  She continually sees my radiance even in my darkest hours and I am constantly blinded by hers.  LOVE.  I have big-life-love and I give thanks for it every breathing day.

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Wind said...

Sometimes I feel greedy to have so much love poured into and around me! Then I remember the truth, it's who we were born to be! LOVE HOGS!
you are simply the greatest love I have ever known. I feel so honored and incredibly humbled right now. And exuberant!!!! I AM BLESSED!