Saturday, February 23, 2013


On my mountain today as I hiked and slid up its slopes in running shoes and gym clothes across slush and mud and snow, I was overcome with this simple awareness: all of life is an invitation into deeper connection.  Whatever is arising NOW: the grief, the loss, the joy, the "problems",  the "opportunities", are all invitations to connect deeply with truth.  
For months I have been repeating a singular mantra: connection...with people, with life, with Self, with God/Consciousness/Awareness/Being. Then it occured to me: my life IS that invitation.  Instead of trying to fix or heal or control the arising landscape of experience I could reply to that invitation with a "YES" and simply give all of it...the shit and the glory... the room to be.  Space.  Without judgment.  Surrender. Relax. 
A comprehensive YES to life.

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