Sunday, February 17, 2013

sunday supper

Sunday dinners at our house are a special thing.  We always eat together and we always have meat (at the request of my two carnivorous boys).  Tonight we made Bison burgers with all the fixin's, steamed kale and asparagus, a carrot and apple salad and raw sauerkraut.  Per tradition, we each take turns saying a prayer.  This evening Bodhi led the way with this choice impromptu blessing:
"Chickens are nice, 
Roses are blue.
I hope this food
Tastes better than poo!"
I know I need to be more stern in these moments but we all collapsed in giggles.  For dessert we had pears poached in red wine, honey and cinnamon sticks with vanilla ice cream.  For some reason the boys believed themselves made somewhat drunk by the inocuous wine and spent the next thirty minutes in a stupor of hilarious proportions.
All in all, another perfect Sunday.

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