Sunday, March 17, 2013

early morning walk

When I left my mountain I knew I would miss it but I didn't anticipate the heartbreaking loneliness that arose in its absence.  The mountain had become my lover.  I turned toward its wide embrace day after day, night after night and it never failed to astonish me with spaciousness and welcome.
I have been slowly meeting the lake near my house.  It is not as wild (I can almost pet the coyotes) and it is not as wide but it has beauty and gifts just the same.
And although it isn't my mountain love it is becoming a dear friend.
Here are a few of the sights this morning offered up on my sunrise walk:

When I am in nature I am often smiling or laughing or crying.  The beauty seems to wrap tender arms around me and I feel held in a love so full that all of me is welcome.  My lover.  And I am not alone or untouched or unheld, I am nourished to the core and all I can give in return is gratitude and adoration.


Wind said...

We have the same lover you and I, and I'm not a bit jealous.

Angelina Lloyd said...

How could we ever be jealous? Shams!