Sunday, March 3, 2013

the day

Sunday began with birthday waffles (at Bodhi's request), layered in chocolate and nuts and fruit...Oh my.  Followed by an influx of birthday calls, emails and texts.
 This gorgeous bouquet arrived from Robin and Ned yesterday and...
 this lovely array of roses were a gift from papa Shane.
If you read the last post then you know how lunch was spent and the afternoon was rounded off by another library excursion and another stack of library books I will spend the week enjoying.


Wind said...

Heart shaped waffles? Strawberries, chocolate, and maple syrup? Rumi poems? Girl, I think we just may be identical twins!!!
Hooray!!! You are so worthy of all you have!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Angelina Lloyd said...

Thank you so much my knitting instructor!!! Hope life finds you smiling and laughing and enjoying the day.