Sunday, January 19, 2014


The evening rolls toward it's slumbering end.  Owen finishes up his calls to Illinois family.  Bodhi still denies any hint of exhaustion and sings audibly invented songs with the enthusiasm of a drunken sailor.  The dog's tags rattle as she makes her well worn trek to the water bowl.  Bodhi's pet rats scurry from freshly filled food bowl back to their hammock bed, no doubt filling the cage with mess as they go. Bodhi's bawdy chant changes to "tucky, tuck, Bodhi in-y", which means he is finally ready to give in to the night.
Owen calls out that he is ready.  Thirteen with temporary amnesia anytime he encounters me in the presence of peers, he still asks for his "tuck-time" when the lights go out.
Bodhi's snores fill our quiet house.
Ahh.  Peace.  Gratitude.
A house full of boy-love and memories fresh from a day overflowing with gifts.


ProfoundAlchemy said...

How precious and beautiful.

For what its worth I'd like to say as a sort of prayer out into the billion fold universe.
There is so much beauty in family and friends. It is unfathomable how beautiful it is to live.. To love. To be..

I hope it all pours into bliss and peace and clarity.

Angelina Lloyd said...

Yes I couldn't agree are family and friend. We are doubly blessed.