Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bodhi hiking

Hiking with my boys remains one of my favorite Mama activities and when one of them volunteers for a trip up a mountain my heart sings a little tune all the way up.
Bodhi woke on Sunday and decided he would like to join mom up a trail.  As he hikes he is a philosopher half the time, discussing big ideas and deep wonderings along the trail.
This time he composed a few impromptu poems:
Cars and homes below,
Sky above,
A valley.

Flowers like sunshine on green stalks,
Line the trail,
In Springtime.
 He is growing so fast...sometimes my heart aches seeing the shift in my mothering take place as my boys no longer need warm arms holding them or lullabies carrying them safely to sleep.  They know their mama's love is never far from reach and I suppose, at times, that is enough.

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