Tuesday, May 27, 2014

little by little

It all happens so quickly- birthing, nursing, walking, talking, toileting, schooling and little by little- growing up.  Little by little they leave the sanctuary of mama and move out into the world. And little by little all of parenthood is a series of small good-byes.  Little by little we release them into the world.  Sometimes my mama heart aches as I watch my big boys orbiting in lives that are foreign to me.  Sometimes I remember the ease of holding their warm bodies in loving arms, when all their needs were met easily within the orb of my own being.  I never once deluded myself into thinking that they belonged to me, rather I have always been grateful for the rare and exquisite gift of loving them and being loved by them.  And now, little by little, they are becoming big boys in a big world and I am watching them from greater distances as they grow and evolve far beyond the orb of my arms. Ah motherhood…it remains my most tenacious teacher.

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