Monday, June 30, 2014


What does summer look like at our house?
Well apart from devoting at least three hours daily to homework, here is a sampling:
 Bodhi's latest book is back from our desktop publishing company and Bodhi treated us to a special reading and book signing today once the mailman deposited the package into our eager hands.
 For supper, Bodhi suggested this AWESOME salad…the boys favorite vegetable is kale!  Now that is lucky for me since it happens to be a food staple of mine.
 Afterwards we initiated our newly built fire pit (yes the braggart in me needs to remind you that I built it myself!)...
 And Bodhi roasted marshmallows in the back yard...
 before consuming delicious, oozing, chocolaty s'mores.
To work off some of his energy before bed he played with his new spooner in the back yard.  We then took a pleasant neighborhood walk and now he snores loudly in his bedroom.  Ah motherhood is the best gift I could recieve particularly when I set aside the busyness of life and just enjoy its possibilities.

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