Sunday, July 27, 2014


Butterfly,          slender stalk,           petals and pollen,           blossom nectar,           wings stir,           breeze blown,                   f          l           i           g           h           t.
I used to wait for the time when all would be well, when the ever changing tides of life would shift to calm, clear waters reflecting idealized bliss and saintly assurance.
I used to wait for "enlightenment" and "transformation" and "redemption".
I used to work hard to that end…books, classes, hours on zafus, practicing inadequacy.
The butterfly,
     becomes the butterfly,
           only by relinquishing all that it has known,
     all that it has been,
and trusting the life within to express itself in flight.
The flower,
     becomes the flower,
          only by relinquishing the bud,
and opening tender petals in bloom.
Why does human add such pomp to the occasion.  The caterpillar doesn't strive for "butterfly-ness" and the bud doesn't long for the bloom.
Could we but relax into the wide arms of life as caterpillar and bud, as mustard seed and lily, what wide expression of life's diversity will come forth in expression as you and me?
Without one cherished "OM", without one labored prayer.
With the faith of a caterpillar, of a bud, of a mustard seed...

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Michelle Lawhorn said...

Yes! Such a wonderful reminder for me!