Sunday, August 3, 2014

turning toward the sun

As many of you know I have had a very full year…heart surgery, brain trauma, grad school, motherhood, teaching.
A full year.
This week I complete my master's degree in Educational Psychology.  Last week, while walking alone near the foothills of Boulder, I experienced the first major arrhythmia since surgery.  Its after effects of dizziness and near fainting lasted for several days.  In typical Angelina fashion, I pressed on, ignoring the simple invitation to feel.
On Friday morning as I forced myself up the steep incline of a beloved and often traveled trail, my dear body would go no further.  Half way up I lay down on the gravel path, staring at cloud blue dappled sky, surrounded by birdsong, warmed by sunshine and the clear sound of wind in tall grass.  I lay for several minutes drawing in the energy needed to make the descent.  I noticed hundreds of sunflowers, all of their golden faces turned in welcome toward the sun- drawing in energy, drawing in life.  And for a perfect, tender moment, my face turned in welcome toward the luminous warmth of day and like the flowers all around, it was enough.  It was enough to feel and feeling was enough.  It was enough to be finished.  To be.
When we think of the people in our lives whom we admire, who inspire us, it is good to find ourselves on that list.  Today I am proud of Angelina, face turned in welcome toward the light of a new day.

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