Sunday, November 16, 2014

day eleven: 27 days of gratitude

When I began this post I wanted to write about faith, but faith implies a belief that doesn't rest on proof, it's the evidence of things unseen.  When the road ahead is shrouded with a heavy mist of unknowing, I want a faith rooted in experience.  Our busy minds tell us all manner of horror stories, could-be scenerios, terrifying possibilities and the like.  On this very hike, photographed above, my mind piped up with all manner of tid bits about hungry mountain lions lurking in the tall grassland nearby, shrouded in cloud and intent on a sinewy meal.  Minds do that.  They have accepted the unfortunate dictate to keep us safe and free from pain.  Which is of course an impossibility and an utter waste of 99.9% of our time.  If I really examine the bumps and pitfalls of my life I can see that within them were great gifts, sometimes requiring a great deal of perspective, time and vantage to appreciate them.  Today I am grateful for faith and its foundation in trust (confidence and reliance on things unseen). The mind can rest, however briefly, in the strength of experience with the things unseen, like winter landscapes that look bleak and lifeless but are already nursing the new life to come.

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