Sunday, November 9, 2014

day four…more: 27 days of gratitude

Sunday is our family day and it begins with a delicious breakfast chosen by whomever is awake at the time (aka Bodhi).  This morning he woke up and asked for french toast with turkey bacon (he says bacon emphatically,"BAAAACON!").  Bodhi sat on the floor and mashed bananas till they were soft then he stirred in eggs, brown sugar and cinnamon.  When it was ready he dipped pieces of bread in the mixture and placed them on a hot skillet.  Together we cooked the bacon and toast, then arranged them on plates, topped with maple syrup and whipped cream, and enjoyed.

Every Sunday generally involves some combination of nature, Mile Hi church, good food and exercise with the two incredible people that I give thanks for with every breath I take, Bodhi and Owen.
For supper I made balsamic chicken with green rice (using the last of the garden produce) and broccoli.  We lit a fire and enjoyed the final days of warmer weather before the thermostat finally plunges toward freezing.
And for dessert, S'MORES.
Is it any wonder that I love Sundays!

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