Monday, November 24, 2014

day nineteen: 27 days of grateful

Today I am grateful for this damn 27 day gratitude challenge or I'd be hard pressed to focus on my gratitude's in light of a great number of present "bummers".  So here goes…I am grateful for:

  • Mile Hi Church and the community that I am very slowly getting to know after nine years of attending.
  • The incredible women I am blessed to work with who care deeply about the children, education and one another.
  • Netflix on demand, since we don't have cable and hardly ever watch movies, I am grateful for the ease of access when I need a break from my overly reflective brain…or just need to entertain Bodhi for half an hour so I can drink a cup of tea in silence.
  • Sprouts grocery store.
  • My gym and the ability to work out, however slowly, whenever I want.
  • Hot tea with almond milk
  • Almonds---I LOVE raw almonds.  They are my personal version of the potato chip.
  • Cell phones, that allow me to stay in touch with my big boy while he is in Illinois.
  • Hope, that promises, against all reasoning and experience, that I will feel the gentle warmth of a loving life companion.
  • Baths…I don't often take them, but today I am going to wrap this post and climb into a nice hot bubbly tub.

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