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captain NO

Recently Bodhi has taken to announcing "NO" any time he does something he knows is probably not a good idea. He proceeds with abandon and once discovered he forms his lips into a perfect O and says "NO", then breaking into a breathtaking grin proceeds, undaunted, on his path of destruction.


We meandered our sleep weary selves over to the park today and had a marvelous time. Owen has become an expert swing slinger and can jump at the apex of a tremendous arc with mind boggling precision, most of the time. Occasionally, he estimates poorly and windmills limbs akimbo into a graceful gravel eating dive. Bodhi loves swinging at his side and no doubt, is equally willing to risk life and limb in a jump from the heavens, unfortunatly we, his parents, are not as friendly with the notion. All in all it was another great mini adventure.


The day dances with a noisy wind, Northern air gusts into Southern fantasies. Baby slumbers sweetly in downy embrace, Face upturned, enraptured. Rhythmic song of breath. I turn, smiling, toward the bustling horizon Arms outstretch in welcome. I ask myself, Is this walk in wonderland my life? I answer, Yes. To this I can only laugh So many hours spent in restless tension Hoping for a bright tomorrow. Ever blind to the brilliant sun of today.
I got my hair cut and colored a few days ago. I feel a bit sassy myself and I always feel a bit giddy when I get a hike in, this sensation is particularly compounded when my littlest boy is in my arms and my admiring man is nearby.
Bodhi and Shane enjoy a cuddle overlooking the Mountains near Marshall, CO. Shane got a Clooney haircut and is feeling dapper. Bodhi just feels dapper, well that and sassy, silly, butsy, lovable and cute beyond explanation.