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Open your eyes

"That which I am seeking  I already am." Imagine you are standing in the sunlight with eyes squeezed shut looking for the light. Open your eyes.

This Is It.

When you find the "Doer" call me. But I don't expect to hear from you. "Madness!" you say, "Of course there is a me." But have you ever gone looking, for the paradox in plain view? It's too immediate to notice, too simple to believe. There is no where to go and no one to get there. This. Is. It.

No More Leaving

A t   Some point Your relationship With God Will Become like this: Next time you meet Him in the forest Or on a crowded city street There won't be anymore "Leaving." That is, God will climb into Your pocket. You will simply just take Yourself Along! --Hafiz

We Might Have To Medicate You

Resist your temptation to lie By speaking of separation from God, Otherwise, We might have to medicate You. In the ocean A lot goes on beneath your eyes. Listen, They have clinics there too For the insane Who persist in saying things like: "I am independent from the Sea, God is not always around Gently  Pressing against My body." --Hafiz