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Easter is my favorite Holiday; not because of the bunnies (which are cute but not when they are rammed down your proverbial throat) or the Jesus theme (although I am a dedicated fan of the guy, I am not a fan of the subsequent religious insanity aimed devisively and single pointedly, at distorting anything he might have said). No I love Easter because everything in me feels suddenly new again, Persephone rises to rejoin her mother, Horus is born of Isis and his dead father Osiris, Jesus steps from the tomb- all in me. I arise and the promise of blossoms rise to the surface. My eyes fill again with hope. Recently it has become clear to me that there isn't a right way of living my life or a judgement I need to make along the way- This is just life and I can just jump in the stream- get wet or muddy, smell the flowers, eat the fruit and let the sticky sweetness drip down my throat and chest. It is good to be alive- all the pot holes and burns, all the vistas and wide horizons. I
A funny thing happened to me on my way to school this weekend. I drove, rehearsing the various questions and answers most likely to occur on the exam. Immersed in my own world of worry, test anxiety and perfectionism, I crested the rise above Golden overlooking Boulder. My breath drew in, my heart leapt into my throat and then spread its wings and flew. With eyes hungrily devouring the horizon, my mind struggled to take in the beauty before me. Late for school, I drove on for a mile, dropping into the fog bank and emerging into a secret faerie world. The little girl tucked safely within the grown woman, begged for a chance to play. I glanced at the clock, I just didn't have TIME to stop and smell the proverbial roses, I needed to arrive at school on time. I had exams- EXAMS I cried out. Suddenly it occurred to me that exams and school and straight A's mattered little in comparison to this moment of sheer magic. I pulled over and chatted with a few cows. Feeling bett
There once was a boy who really liked to eat. He ate and ate and ate and then he begged for more. When all the eating reached it's end, he simply smiled and began to throw the remnants on the floor. Mothers make far too much of being clean!
Walkin' man. I thought I was racing after him before, now my life has become a blur of activity all aimed at avoiding eminant disaster.
It is utterly mind boggling to watch these two at play, the constant stream of weapon like noises, bodies in a whirl of motion, pokemon-yelling and frolic until feelings get hurt and one retreats -the other pursues with condolences- all settled, the cycle begins again.