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holiday wishes and heart surgery

Heart Surgery. Brain Trauma. Holidays. A trio that may at first seem less than sublime but together they have united to bring me more blessings then I could have hoped for. It has been a season full of unexpected gifts, lessons and insights. On November 18th I underwent a fairly simple heart surgery.  I was able to remain conscious and meditating throughout the nearly five hour procedure and was astonished by the peace and well being I felt throughout.  Following the surgery I had some unexpected complications which led to extreme fatigue and periodic syncope. A serious concussion occurred a week later.  I was unconscious for some time.  Upon waking, I couldn't remember my children for several hours or who I was.  I couldn't assimilate speech or complex thought.  I am just now remembering how to process written word and to write. For the past month, my well exercised brain has been quietly simple.  For days on end I sat contentedly without books or technology, not real