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my wife

Many of you may not know this but I have a sister-friend who has been my wife for years and years.  We don't cohabitate or share children or anything, rather we are linked soul to soul in a quiet affirmation of kinship that transcends explanation. 


 Mojo adds so much beauty and artistry to everything she does.  Look at this gorgeous table and the lovely name cards she handmade to coordinate.  She infuses everything she does with love, particularly when it relates to food and family. I was doubly blessed this Thanksgiving with a visit from my sister-friend Yve And some family time with the gang (Shane and Mojo refused to be photographed and there were also two dear friends of the family present, who are not pictured). It was a fabulous day to be thankful for.

bodhi and baba downtown


I recall a quote that gave me pause.  I will paraphrase it here: "When you come into the presence of the infinite you must be willing to possess it without a desire for any of it at all".   I thought of this on my 6AM hike, as I stared out at a world so ripe with beauty that all thought stood still before it.  For a moment I was neither observer nor observed, just a part of an infinite whole- complete.  A conscious landscape in rapture before its own beauty.  And then, in no time at all, my sense of self returned with a desire to capture it in photo, art or word.  Thought described the many hues of autumn as they rippled and swayed in the early dawn.  Thought described the gentle arc of deer tracks across golden grass and the rusty, auburn hues of flower dried in sun and wind.  Thoughts of the brilliant blue of daybreak framed by hills golden and rising.  Thoughts of trees dropping leaves in a fall palette, too luminous for brush or paint, extending across a wide horizon. I t

halloween 2010

 Okay here is the family run down...I was a witch, Shane was a tracker/frontiersman.. Bodhi was Puff the Magic Dragon, Ron was a creepy old man and Joanne was a bimbo (Owen was in Illinois masquerading as a pokemon trainer). While out and about trick-or-treating we met a fabulous gorilla who joined our party.  And by the time Bodhi had enjoyed a feast prepared by the magical Ms. Mojo and eaten his weight in candy he had exchanged his sweet and innocent dragon attire for this... Thankfully, Halloween comes but once a year.