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picture day

Today was picture day at Owen's school and he was dressed for the occasion... going for the prep look. He said the photographers exclaimed that he took a perfect picture. Never one to be outdone, we had our own little impromptu back yard photo shoot with Bodhi riding roughshot. Mr. Serious looking alot like his Dad. Bodhi practicing his circus routine... Owen's favorite shot.. How does this thing work anyway?

ode to fall

leaves laugh color on azure sky heave and sigh on singing wind final dance before winter's sleep hungry eyes eat autumn feast.

fall celebrations

What a magical day! Owen, Bodhi and I set out for the great outdoors to celebrate the change of seasons and to honor the elementals we so adore. Owen and I got up early this morning and created this fairy house. Owen gathered leaves and flowers from the yard. Meanwhile Bodhi and I prepared corn muffins and a big fruit salad for our picnic. When all was prepared we drove South to Roxborough State Park. We wandered for some time before discovering the perfect spot to place our gift. Once we discovered the location, Owen became quite reverent and said a heartfelt prayer/blessing to the spirits of the wild that give us so much. As we walked back he told me that this was one the most spiritual moments of his young life. Bodhi just enjoyed getting wild and having fun. On our way home, we drove west of Morrison to the Lair of the Bear wilderness and played in the water ...and savored the changing leaves. A lovely day.
Friday night was a blur of wild boy energy... this morning was a tornado of the same... with Owen's two buddies spending the night over, Bodhi feeling left out, and Shane and I suffering from an emotional/mental hangover due to last nights debate. Bodhi...BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! The boys plotting the take over of the world. My newest apron --- the bird...created for school. And one more shot... Have a great weekend everyone....


I sat in meditation. It was morning, early by my standards. Bodhi sang his little boy songs at my feet, humming a "vrroooom", "vrrrrrooooomm", with his wooden cars and an "OUCH" as he turned them unceremoniously onto their sides. Our cat Eli, purred enthusiastically on my right, in a lusty bid for attention. Owen lay ensconced in his bed, playing his banned gameboy beneath the covers, thrilled by his own daring, while Shane slept, wide mouthed, beneath a downy comforter. I finished my inspirational reading. I closed my eyes for the minute or two afforded me, each morning. I breathed. I opened. I breathed again. Bodhi put his head on my lap and Eli nudged closer, while the gentle sound of snoring and forbidden gameboys echoed in the back ground. A soft smile overtook my face. I opened my eyes. I picked up Bodhi, he hugged me briefly, arched his back and called, "DOWN". Eli nuzzled closer, I stroked the soft white tuft of fur behind h

walking the path

I am staring into the face of 35, it is coming, not here yet but I can hear its footfalls approaching down the hallways of time. They don't seem to be skipping either, they seem to be plodding in my direction. That alone is enough to make me shift uncomfortable in my proverbial seat, however instead, I am staring, clear eyed at the face in the mirror, with the lines and furrows, each one reminding me of the road and occasional hardships that marked the way. It is interesting. Getting older carries a unique set of questions and conundrums. The twenties seemed marked by infinite possibilities and disproportionate dramas. Without the frame of reference granted a person through years of living, every little thing loomed large, every break up... unbearable, every joy...all encompassing. The thirties are different. I feel a more solid foundation beneath my shifting feet, certain that this too will pass...what ever "this too" may be. Yet my horizon seems to be shrinking
The weather is turning fallish around here and as a family of dramatists we were FREEZING. The boys found a solution to the dropping thermometer... this picture illustrates the result.
"Have faith in yourself and it will happen, Have faith in yourself and it will happen, Have faith in yourself and it will happen, And the World will come to you, Boom And the World will come to you, Boom." A song created by Owen after a candlelight dessert of rice cream. Imagine the song sung with full lung gusto and accompanied by fast foot family dancing. (Shane is off in the wilds of Colorado for the evening enjoying himself on a manly solo adventure. While we are home, burning candles and sweet grass, dancing, singing and blaring Beethoven. Yeah we know we're the epitome of cool.)

Thoughtful Fridays

I have been reading a book by Ethan Hubbard, entitled Grandfathers Gift: A Journey to the Heart of the World . It is a powerful book, filled with simple vignettes and essays that provide a poignant and often eloquent window opening onto the lives of ordinary individuals the world over. I read each persons story with the reverence of a prayer and the sweetness of a caress. When I was very young, I determined that I would travel, see the world and its many ways of living. Not for some grandiose purpose(I was probably seven when I first became impassioned by the idea), but because somewhere embedded deep in my soul, I felt that if I were to travel, to see the faces of the multitudes, to experience their lives, to walk on their path, however briefly... then compassion would reveal itself to me in all its splendor. Not compassion born of gratitude for the many blessings in my life, but rather compassion that evolves when the boundary between "self" and "other" blurs
500$ A sore throat. 500$ I went to the Doctor today. I had to get my annual check up for work and I actually have been quite sick with a sore throat, so the timing was perfect. I went in. I spent about 10 minutes with my Doctor. Who couldn't diagnose my throat because it wasn't strep, but looked bad. I got my blood pressure checked...fine. I got my breast exam... fine. I was weighed...none of your business. I was then sent to an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist upstairs. I spent a total of 5 minutes with him. "Yep, you've got an infection in there. Gonna need a heavy dose of antibiotics and should probably get those out when you get insurance". All of these things I knew upon going in. ALL OF THEM. Yet I left with my bank account 500$ lighter, 500$. I keep writing it. I can't believe it (No I don't have insurance). It seems an excessive price to pay for common sense and a prescription. Where is the Doc of old, who comes to my house, who knows
My happiest moment of the day, is often this final hour, when my boys are curled up beside me(Owen got to fall asleep in my bed tonight). In these moments, I am reminded of the magic in my life.
The Botanical Gardens opened the gates to the 2008 corn maze and we were among the first to arrive. The maze is so complicated this year, we became thoroughly lost for two hours and never actually made it through the maze. Infact, it grew dark and I accosted a gentleman working in the maze to get us !@#$% out. Shane could have continued in the maze for several more hours, but with two families and a combined net of SEVEN children, the mamas were ready to see the exit(well we never actually saw the exit we left through the entrance, obviously we hadn't gotten very far). The kids are revved up to begin. Rochelle takes the lead. My view over the corn maze walls. Shane and Miguel attempt to access a GPS map on the new iphone to navigate luck, although Shane did manage to pinpoint our location in last years maze.
One of my dearest friends sent this to me. I don't know why, but looking at it makes me feel close to God.

Thoughtful Fridays

Keep a weathered eye out for the good on your horizon and the world will baffle you with its possibilities.
Owen and I, cut up a few old t-shirts this morning before school. He made a number of headbands and wristbands. He put three on his wrist before we ran out of time. He looked quite hip in his modified wardrobe and blue low top converse. What a kid!

pie face

So I made a deal with Owen, years ago, that if he ever learned to ride his bike he could throw a cream pie in my face. Owen, never one to forget a promise, has learned to ride a bike and I took a lovely pie in the face. Never one to suffer alone I promptly kissed the poor boy and wiped as much onto him as possible. Everyone laughed, except Bodhi, who stared on in horror with a tear stricken face. He recovered once he saw that the damage was only temporary.
We spent the weekend celebrating Baba and Mojo's birthday, in mountain style. Early Saturday morning (well kind of early) we drove up past Nederland to the cabin. The weather greeted us in resplendent verdent hues and the simplicity of cabin life slowed each of us down (except Bodhi of course). Shane pitched our enormous tent in front of the cabin, while the Grand's cozied up inside. Owen paraded around, looking dashing, and having some unseen pokemon battle, completely oblivious to the doings of those around him. Bodhi caught Baba trying to nap on the deck (God forbid) and promptly put an end to that. The boys went mushroom hunting and found several large boletus edulis, which we sauteed for supper on Sunday. Bodhi kept the family in shape, by running hither, thither and yon with unlikely speed and agility. Baba, Mojo and Bodhi have an early AM chat. Bodhi engaged in his favorite activity...eating! We all went on a family hike through the stunning beauty of the Indian Peaks