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And then You are like this

And then You are like this: A small bird decorated  With orange patches of light  Waving your wings near my window,  Encouraging me with all of existences's love --  To dance.  And then You are like this:  A cruel word that stabs me  From the mouth of a strange costume You wear;  A guise You had too long tricked me into thinking  Could be other -- than You.  And then You are...  The firmament  That spins at the end of a string in Your hand  That You offer to mine saying,  "Did you drop this -- surely  This is yours."  And then You are, O then You are:  The Beloved of every creature  Revealed with such grandeur -- bursting  From each cell in my body,  I kneel, I laugh,  I weep, I sing,  I sing.  -Hafiz

My three beloved fellas

Good News

Beauty everywhere, Care in every detail. We imagine ourselves separate, Alone. While all the world is Conspiring, in Simple Wonder... Nothing is excluded.