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Here is an early morning chronicle of the sunrise from a recent predawn hike.

Anderson Ranch

 Okay, here is the much anticipated post from my recent adventure at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, CO.  Honestly, I don't have words sufficient to fully credit the experience.  It was a bit like turning inside out and finding yourself whole again.  I grew so much and am now painfully filled with a longing to make art...NOW.  Not my usual crafts, but PAINTING and creating and listening and beholding. The photo below is an exterior shot of our studio. And this fabulous woman is Judy Glantzman , our fearless, fabulous and utterly inspiring, leader! Here is the gang after a luncheon hike atop a bizarre yin/yang slab at the summit.  And here we are again.  It was so refreshing to discover myself as a woman again...not a mom, a teacher, a mate, a daughter, a friend...just as me and the real treat was that I loved her. One of the other attractions, was the simplicity of NOT having to cook.  Not for myself or for anyone else.  I was shocked by the relief this provided and how quickly
A final floral foray of summer.  I honestly had no idea how much I adored the beauty of flowers until I received the gift of my camera.  The simple majesty of each bloom, a breath in eternity, captures my lens every time I am out.
Okay, I am home and at least three times larger in spirit than I was pre-departure.  The demands of work began immediately so  I have yet to post anything about the adventure, so rather than leave my "devoted" readership on pins and needles, I thought I would post a nonsensical rambling about nothing, doodle bark on a balmy night and such.
I am at Anderson Ranch for a week and will be riding incognito for a while.  I am amassing photos with wild abandon, looking forward to sharing them upon my gestational return. All Love!

a summer retrospective

[I]t has been said many times that only the people who don't know who they are, are the ones who are awake. Everyone else knows who he or she is. They are their script, whatever their script is, even if that script is, "I'm not awake." Awakeness is to have no script, to know that ultimately a script is just a script, and a story is just a story. ~ From:  Emptiness Dancing , by Adyashanti

pool day

 Enjoying the final days of summer vacation with a pool day surrounded by friends!  Owen quickly attached himself to a water weapon and proceeded to douse me with gleeful, dolphin-like abandon.  Bodhi has learned to swim this summer and is truly a fish...a huge source of pride for his ocean loving mama!

long lake

My favorite way to spend a Sunday is in the woods.  After some debacle trying to locate a suitable spot, we settled on Long Lake above Brainard Lake near Ward, CO.  We packed in water, blankets, books and lunch for a four mile adventure through natures playground.  Here are a few of the breath gulping vistas we encountered along the way: And where else can you have a snow ball fight in August? We found a gorgeous peninsula near the lake and settled in for a few hours of picnicking, reading and ogling the splendor.  Bodhi decided to catch a fish with his "bare hands!!", alas he was unsuccessful but that didn't stop him from playing in icy snowmelt water for thirty minutes. The boys did famously and didn't begin crying, moaning and complaining until after the three mile mark. Another perfect day in paradise.
 Cain and Abel are reunited and the land of Nod is looking a little war torn.  Sibling rivalry is a fabulous contraceptive...a built in protection against overpopulation.  Never the less, I love them both immensely and it is marvelous seeing the eldest after ten weeks.  I took the boys to Golden on Saturday and we discovered a fabulous new frozen yogurt shop operated by a beautiful woman from Turkey.  The shop is called Goozell.  Bodhi sampled the chocolate and strawberry, heavily topped with oreo crumbles, rainbow sprinkles and gummy worms.  Owen tried the cake batter (huh?) flavor mixed with chocolate and lots of cookie crumbles.  It was a fun day particularly when the boys weren't battling, moping and griping and tolerable when they were.