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 A fall frenzy, with a bevy of color and the crunch of leaves underfoot, has all of us feasting on beauty.  Owen planned an elaborate autumn celebration with a tribute alter to Demeter and some other Greek God whose name escapes me.  We made an abundant meal of all our harvested produce as the seasons bounty is no longer growing in the beds outside.  We enjoyed a trip to the park, looking and listening, smelling and feeling the warmth of autumns farewell with the gentle whisper of winter's cold on the wind.  When my whole world is falling apart around me, I look at these two beautiful people and everything feels perfect, beautiful and whole.  Happy fall my friends and family...with big LOVE.

Bodhi the photographer

 All the pictures in this post were taken by Bodhi the budding photographer...
 A photo walk thru my recent trip to Arizona, saying Hello to my family and farewell to my Grande'. At Garchen's Institute in Chino Valley. I do miss the Arizona landscape and all my familiar hikes and haunts. May we each be a light unto the world. Farewell my beloved Grande.
 If any of you wonder what I do when I am not leisurely staring off into the middle distance...well here it is... at least one of the things I do at least 40 hours per week is work as a studio art coordinator with young children.  If you are interested in a peek please look at my studio blog .  I am leaving in a few hours for Arizona to see my family and gather to celebrate the life of my beautiful Grande' Cia.  So I won't be posting for a little while. (Did I mention that I am blessed with the ability to work with my Bodhi.  It his last year at our school and bittersweet in many ways).
Farewell my Grande' Cia.  May you dance with the angels, sing with the stars and shine that joyous spirit of yours to light the way for those of us left behind.  I love you forever and always, my sweet beloved grandma, friend and cold footed, laughter box. Te' amo multo.


 I recently ran across  this amazing artist  and I thought I would share a little inspiration with all of you.   I recently ran across this amazing artist and I thought I would share a little inspiration with all of you.  Art sometimes reaches inside each of us, artist and witness, and pulls something great to the surface...something that transcends our limited cognitive categories and challenges us to meet a broader experience.


 Te Amo Grande Cia!  Te Amo.
Autumn's colorful dance has begun and I sway to the rhythm of her majesty, a final farewell before a long cool sleep.  As I look at the vibrant display, I wonder how many of us have hidden brilliance just beneath the surface, waiting to explode.  

a new raku kiln and my sweet brother Danny visits