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images from a final summer trip

Here are a few photos from a recent trip to a fabulous cabin above Idaho Springs.  Colorado, I LOVE you!

art and kids

Two of my favorite things in the world are art and children and when these two forces of inspiration coalesce- WOW!  Here Bodhi is pictured drawing an elaborate story.  Watching young children draw is utterly interesting and intriguing.  Typically their art is an evolving communication, each line and mark represents a part of their story and an evolution of thought.  Here Bodhi draws a box, a fox and a wild tale of adventure, misfortune, death and bugs.  In the end he made a number of hatches signifying words and an interesting insignia while saying, "B-O-D-H-I". Meanwhile Owen began his rough draft for an upcoming comic he is creating, entitled "Angry Cow".  Do you LOVE this Bovine!!!! Look at those eyes, those teeth, those udders.  I feel sort of giddy when I see things like this and I immediately want to copy him.  His innovation and creative expression inspire. And believe it or not, they worked side by side for almost 20 minutes before hollering, "MOM he d

owen is back

Dear reader and adoring public...Owen is back.  He has been back for a few weeks.  It has been anything BUT smooth.  Infact I have seen some of my worst mother moments in the past few days, at one point I even found myself yelling at my two boys, with head spinning and foaming at the mouth, "Do you want a spanking?!!" HELLO, what kind of question is that.  I don't even approve of spankings but in the past weeks I have seriously contemplated dipping them in honey and dangling them precariously over an ant hill.  Trust me, Mother Theresa I am not and all my years of trying-to-be-the-perfect-mother are flying out the window with alarming speed.  I wonder how one remains peaceful amidst the onslaught of motherhood and yet most days it is relatively easy, natural and even nourishing. Primarily the issue stems around two boys fighting constantly, something that I imagine might drive even the Dalai Llama to consider corporeal punishment or, at the very least, a strong beer.  Ad
Getting to know yourself isn't some mountain you summit, after much toil and work, to finally look out beyond the vista of self, comforted by the height.  Nope.  It is a constant evolution, a tearing down of false ideals and a relinquishment of protections and walls no longer needed.  It is a constant flow, ebbing in and out, in and out, encompassing the flow of human thought and experience, ebbing in and out, in and out.  Somehow, with time, perhaps we learn to identify with the spacious holding that scaffolds the ebb and flow.  Perhaps, with time, we can just behold the splendor without a thousand little judgments and comparisons.  For now, I learn daily how to be humble in the face of my own stumbling ignorance and baffling splendor, of my insecurities and trivialities, of myself.  One of the beauties of growing is that I am becoming acutely aware of how little I really know, how much I actually talk, how little I often say and how desperately humans want to connect and how ter

travels with Bodhi

Okay where to begin...I have so many photos I wish I could many beautiful flowers and captured moments, but instead I will opt for an overview of Bodhi and I's magical trip to heaven via Crested Butte.   Our trek took us from Denver via 285 to 50 to 135, finally landing in Crested Butte, Colorado several hours later.  We had to pull over along 285 to fully indulge our need to oogle over this spectacular cloud display.  The sky was simply dazzling with white puffy imagination. In Poncho Springs we ate at a bizarre little cantina, peopled primarily with a vast array of leather clad bikers, whom Bodhi immediately took a shine too, no doubt assuming that anyone driving something that loud and attired in that much black had to be worth talking to. Once we arrived in Gunnison we spotted a sweet museum complete with trains, old school houses, thousands of vintage clothing, telephones, farm tools, cars and antique oddities for every sensibility. In no time (well it seemed like